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Apple must act now over its ‘iTunes hack’

Which? Convo: The success of Apple’s App Store could soon hit a bump. iPhone users are allegedly in danger of a scam that’s cost them dear. The worst bit? Not only is Apple aware of this, it doesn't seem willing to take direct action.

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fatstarr2698d ago

'So many people like my six year old have had their accounts wiped by this. No support from Apple.’

lmao why does a 6 year old have an account i swear tons of tos's want older people...

any way
'We’re always working to enhance account security for iTunes users'
apple doesn't know about security. its like they don't care this is one of the reasons i dislike apple as a company
fake = apple

Had this been Microsoft they would have fixed it and still gotten 10x more shit than this.

techie2698d ago

Haha, that's true. 6 year olds shouldn't be able to have one.

People in the comments dont think this is a problem which is surprising. Apple needs to pull their finger out.

Crazay2697d ago

I think Apple has gotten far too big for it's britches. They're becoming lackadaisical with their designs, making bad decisions with some of their releases and they seem to think the world is at their beck and call.

fatstarr2697d ago

it is they have a massive army of consumers that buy every product and try to convert everyone.

one of my friends just got the iphone 4 in april and is getting the 5 day 1, im like you are a sucker.

there should be some laws against it but apple fanboys == instant cash for apple and they love them for every flaw no matter how detrimental it is to their life.

Crazay2697d ago

You're right. They are all fanboys. My father in law has had no interest in apple until 2 of my sister in laws got iphones, then he got one. Now they have Macbooks, and he;s getting one too. Told him to find a new IT guy.

fatstarr2697d ago

you might just be my new best internet friend,
ive seen the trend

it stars phone/ipod then the macbooks then the imacs and itowers and ipads and then finally apple tv in a never ending upgrade cycle.

i use that line as well i say dont bring ur mac shit to me when it breaks i only fix windows and linix take that shit to the hipster mac store. thank god businesses will never adopt macs because of their high price.