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How to fix Facebook’s new chat system – only show online friends

The new chat, debuted by Facebook a few weeks ago, has received a lot of criticism as it doesn't seem to show all of your online friends. A developer by the name Tal Ater has released a fix.

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lukasz2704d ago

i will not download that its probably a virus or fake

technologymob2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

It it legitimate, I wouldn't post something that I hadn't checked for viruses. At least, my anti-virus didn't pick anything up, and the JS-only version works just fine if you don't like the look of the .exe :)

CameronL992703d ago

Isn't that exactly what they had going before? Why did they change it for such a completely useless and stupid system where you see people who aren't even online? Retarded!

colonel1792703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I facepalm every time Facebook make changes. I'd really like to know what stuff they smoke every time they come up with these "ideas" and make these decisions. They have "complicated" their interface with every change they have made. They make it counter intuitive every time. Why would you need to go 3, 4, or 5 clicks deep to find your friend list? Is the most important thing in FB! Why would they combine messages and chat? They are a totally different thing (at least used in totally different ways and purposes), why would they not show online friends in the chat? Is really stupid this one! and their photo system: horrible. The site is slower every time, filled with bugs and tons of spam. Really, Facebook is dropping the ball big time. They only care about ads, it's filled with them, and don't care about the usability or easiness of the interface any more.

I've only had Google+ for a very short period of time, but even though it is not ultra intuitive and fast to learn, once you get the hang of it, it looks way better than Facebook. It FB don't pull a rabbit out of their hats fast, they will be overcome by Google and fast. Very fast! (Which I hope)

BubbleSniper2703d ago

Google+ is poised to rape FB.
Facebook takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back, while Google+ is skipping ahead in glee.

Google+ is said to be readying "social games" for itself. Many people I have chatted with on Fb are ready to jump off the Facebook wagon as soon as it happens.

CameronL992703d ago

They've made a lot of stupid decisions, like not allowing you to view people who's friend requests are currently pending or outstanding, making it so when you search names you never get your friends' names but rather people you've never heard of, its impossible finding your friends quickly because of this, the designers of facebook must have gotten drunk and high for them to make this many atrocious design decisions in such a short period of time.

BannedForNineYears2703d ago

Deleting my Facebook totally fixed the problem.

johnsonbat2703d ago

Yeah I just deleted mine too.

mr_porter2703d ago

AVG picks it up as a virus when you try and run it.

technologymob2703d ago

Use a decent Anti-virus ;) It's a false positive.

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