Google+ App Coming To The iPhone Today

FroogleGeek: "Vic Gundorta has just announced via her Google+ account that the official iPhone app is finally coming out."

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smurfz2584d ago

About time! Pretty pumped to see how this will work.

fatstarr2583d ago

it needs work on the android.
its plain and meh but it gets the job done
my notifications are annoying tho i have to click each one to make it disappear.

codyodiodi2583d ago

I don't mind it on the Android. Like you said it gets the job done and for me that's all I need.

The notifications get annoying though, but they tend to only load when I open the app.

Instant Picture upload is pretty awesome though, I'm assuming the iPhone will get that feature once people install the app.

lukasz2583d ago

cool but when does it come out for android

fatstarr2583d ago

its out buddy, u gotta get it from google not the appstore i think.

AuToFiRE2583d ago

about bloody time, what took you so long apple???

_Q_2583d ago

This is crap and from what i've seen its sleeker than the Android app. I'm pretty disappointed with the G+ experience on mobile overall. Google should have been more forward thinking than this. LOCK DOWN MOBILE DAMMIT!