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Nintendo DS outselling 3DS two-to-one

Nintendo's new handheld system still faces fierce competition from its own other handheld system.

Nintendo admitted in a press release that the DS is still outselling the 3DS at a rate of two-to-one, but instead of treating it as a failure for the 3DS, you can probably guess how they spun it.

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fatstarr2707d ago

that's a first maybe Nintendo will develop a 4 pillar approach

or a wii-ds wiiu-3DS strategy.

anyway how can people look at this as a failure its like cars

the earlier models from 2009 and lower will sell more than the 2013 edition. it takes time for a system to sell especially in environments where the economy is poor and then recovering from natural disasters. Just wait till Q4. im gettin my 3DS in September with 5 games i cant wait.