Apple iOS 5 features and release date

The iOS 5 is an important step for the company that offers a wide variety of features which will contribute to a positive experience whether you are using an iPhone 4, the iPad tablet or even your iPod Touch. The new characteristics promise to go further than ever before with more than 200 features ready for use.

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SerbanSilviu2710d ago

Really nice. Too bad that a release hasn't yet been announced, nor speculated. I guess it won't take long because iOS 4.2.9 is already here, the last of its kind.

franwex2710d ago

Hmmm....too bad no bluetooth file transfers to other devices. Oh well. I guess we have given up on that one.

Strange_Evil2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Dunno why people really ask for this at this point of time when Bluetooth is a thing of past for file transferring. I for one find it much faster to just upload a file to something like Dropbox and share it publicly with all my friends rather than pair my device and wait for the slow transfer to end and not jump out of the 30m radius circle.

I can understand people complaining about this at the iPhone's launch since 3G wasn't available and internet speed's were crap. But now we can watch HD movies sitting at home wirelessly and you still want that stupid slow @ss bluetooth transfer?

peowpeow2709d ago

If you're on 4.3.x you may aswell jailbreak your device. It doesn't require a restore nor does it affect your phone in any way. (go on your phone, few seconds later and you're good to go)

Celeste bluetooth is really good for bluetooth transfers, can even transfer music and it'll store in the original

outwar60102710d ago

what about that feature that stopped the video camera from working in a concert and maybe a cinema im really looking forward to that /s

Guitardr852709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

@ strange_evil

How is Bluetooth a thing of the past when its now becoming the most integrated transfer platform for data and device sharing. Yeah dropbox is nice, but how does that wirelessly transfer my entire music library to my car or allow me to connect a dozen or so different devices of mine that would otherwise be cut off from each other. Just because you like something else doesn't mean that all other things are irrelevant. Quite the contrary actually, when we get to the day where all electronic devices can communicate with each other via Bluetooth or some other transferring protocol, things like dropbox with be "a thing of the past".

Strange_Evil2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I was referring to file transfer. An iPhone does have bluetooth in-built and if you want to 'transfer all your music wirelessly to your car stereo' you can do that as well. Hell you can connect the iPhone to any bluetooth headset and bluetooth speaker to play your music. The only thing you can't do is transfer files from one phone to another.

The only point where I say Bluetooth isn't necessary or an antiquated service is transferring files like pdfs or docs to other device. Bluetooth will be a thing of the past for such transfers in the near future. Bluetooth as a transfer protocol is much slower than what you get via the internet (now) hence I don't think it will be deemed as important. Hell it isn't even given importance now as well since none reviewer or media dock points from the iPhone for being aloof of this transferring technique.

Read my statement properly and then respond. I never said Dropbox of smilar service will take over bluetooth. Bluetooth will always remain a protocol used for transmitting phone calls and transmitting music. But I don't remember any of my friends asking me send a file via bluetooth in a long time, it's much faster to mail it or just use a 3rd party service like Dropbox or cloud2go as you can make a file public and many users can access simultaneously.

And your last line doesn't make sense. How can Bluetooth replace Dropbox? Bluetooth is a short range transmission protocol working at a range of 30m and Dropbox is a cloud service.. It's the other way around my friend. Once internet speeds in different parts increase, people will need Bluetooth for answering phone calls and transferring songs to players (even here, media servers will take place over wifi and 3G... Much better than Bluetooth) and not for file transfers.

AuToFiRE2709d ago

iOS5: just another pointless update

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