DRAM prices drop even further

It's crazy how cheap DDR3 memort is at the moment, but prices are falling even further.

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toaster2707d ago

A year ago you'd have a hard time finding a 6GB 1333Mhz kit for X58 for under $150, now you can find 8GB 1600Mhz for under $100. It's a good time to stock up on ram LOL.

fatstarr2706d ago

I doubt the prices will jump back up unless a new standard is introduced. b4 the i7 gen ram was dirt cheap and its getting back to where it used to be.

Gondee2707d ago

I paid 145 for Triple channel DDR3 6 GB or ram some time ago. This is making me sad. The nature of electronics i suppose.

duplissi2706d ago

the cheaper the stuff gets that i want to put in my build this fall the better!!!

lukasz2706d ago

well cheaper they make it the better for us