How to fix Windows Live Messenger 2011′s high CPU usage

Ever wanted to fix Windows Live Messenger 2011′s tendency to use a lot of CPU? In this article you can find out how.

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Speed-Racer2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Woah, that's neat. The program went from 14MB to 2MB for me. Thanks :)

f7897902378d ago

Meanwhile skype uses 120MB......

Speed-Racer2378d ago

Damn that's a lot. 74MB on my end.

RurouniKaze2378d ago

how to tell how much thingy a program uses

No_Pantaloons2378d ago


ctrl-alt-del, "start task manager",Processes Tab

scroll up and down to find the program, its mem usage is listed to the right.

steve30x2378d ago

ctrl-alt-del is the long way to start task manager. Press ctrl-shift-esc to start task manager.

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Gondee2378d ago

You should not be using MSN. Sorry

RurouniKaze2378d ago

why not ? msn is the flick !