Apple's Injunction Fails Against Amazon’s use of the Term ‘Appstore’

Back in March Apple sued Amazon for the use of their term “AppStore” on their Android network. They attempted to ask US district judge Phyllis Hamilton to prevent them from using the term. However it fell through and Hamilton expressed her skepticism towards Apple's claim that “AppStore” should be a non-generic trademark and on the 6th of July ruled that Apple so far has not established a “likelihood of confusion” between Apple and Amazon appstores which was required for the injunction to be successful.

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iNFAMOUZ12707d ago

Stop trying to sue and compete you fuckn idiots, oh and btw your products suck ass apple. I'm sick of seeing yall brain wash kids these days with your pathetic overused slogans

"There's an app for just about anything"

"Applications unlike anything you’ve seen on a phone before."

"Your iPhone gets better with every new app."

"Over 200,000 ways to make iPhone even better."

"There's an app for that"