FroogleGeek: Why I Will Never Use HostMonster Again

Cody from FroogleGeek: "Some of you may have noticed that wasn’t able to load for the better part of the day. The reason for this was because my website was the target of a DDoS attack which then resulted in my hosting account with HostMonster to be terminated. Since my account was unexpectedly closed I had to scramble to figure out which host to do business with and have decided to go with LiquidWeb because I had already rented dedicated servers from them before."

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Speed-Racer2709d ago

First of all, you should read your terms before making statements. There is a section that states they can suspect or terminate your account without notice if they have a concern with the type of traffic you get. If it negatively affects them, they will either suspend or delete your account entirely. Since your site is on of many hundreds hosted on a single machine, their other customers may suffer as a result of your unfortunate DDoS attack. That's what you get for paying $6 for a crappy shared server. 10,000 unique a day is still a joke imo. I told you before in the other post, serious webmasters start minimum with a cloud that is expandable. Also you should invest in firewall software to at least let you know of a possible DDoS attack and notify your web admin.

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halocursed2708d ago

True, you cannot expect top notch support for $6 a month.