How To View Your Facebook Feed On Google+

Google+ is a lot of fun to use, but keeping up with multiple social networks can be pretty cumbersome. Thankfully, there’s a solution. A new extension called “Google+Facebook” lets you access your Facebook account within Google+.

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techniglee2114d ago

yep, just gotta figure out a way to throw twitter in there now...

norman292114d ago

I dont get it, why would you join a new social network site to then link it to FB and get your info from there, just stay with FB :|

Speed-Racer2114d ago

Yea a rather silly idea imo.

cjflora2113d ago

Because adoption of Google+ needs to grow, especially since it's still in beta. Yes, I would rather check only Google+, however 90% of the people I know are still using Facebook.

fatstarr2113d ago

I kinda like it the way it is.

2 separate circles

but google+ is gonna take off it would be nice to make some new friends from strangers i dont know lol.

nopunctuation2113d ago

I dont understand why the "cool" guy is under face book while the "uncool" guy is under google. I could easily live without Facebook but google not so much.

Speed-Racer2113d ago

Have you tried Google+ fully enough to say whether you can live or live without it?

nopunctuation2113d ago

im talking about google in general.

Speed-Racer2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Then it wouldn't be a good comparison though :/

In general google is awesome, but head to head in terms of their social network, it's really a tight race so far.

El_Colombiano2113d ago

Google+ is looking to be the one to knock Facebook like Facebook did Myspace. If it continues at this rate at least.

fatstarr2113d ago

Google+ isnt gonna knock facebook down. as much as i love it i see people continuing to use both unless they really hate facebook.

its something addicting about clicking your notifications on every website you go to and people like that feeling.

Facebook is more simple than G+ and so it will win overall. easiest way to put it in a terminology i understand

Facebook = Call of duty MW3
Google + = Battlefield 3

nopunctuation2113d ago

Yeah its pretty interesting. Sort of live Myspace video vs Youtube back in the day only this is a billion times bigger lol.

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