TSA agent busted stuffing iPad into pants, with total robberies amounting to $50,000+

A TSA agent at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has been arrested on Thursday after being caught removing an iPad from a traveler’s luggage and stuffing it down his pants.

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techniglee2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Instead of jail, they should sentence him to 100 hours of going through airport security... Just saying!

Speed-Racer2389d ago

he might grope passengers excessively

snipermk02389d ago

Fantastic! And they suspect that passengers are terrorists?

cjflora2388d ago

So, basically one round trip?

MRHARDON2389d ago

He should go to jail, and at jail....the men there will take good care of him :D

kaveti66162388d ago

Does theft justify rape as a punishment?

caseh2388d ago

TSA agent raped some travelers luggage, its only fair. :D

fatstarr2389d ago

Tsa Really has a bad rep, i dont trust them for shit all my electronics travel with me in my carry on.

i dont get how he thought he could continue to get away with this for 6 months. doesn't he realize that there are tons of cameras all over in the world today -_-. it musta been the thrill.

outwar60102388d ago

these tsa agents are ALL mentally unbalanced to some degree i keep hearing horror stories about the lengths they go through to be weird and awkward and paedophilic and this is the main reason I haven't visited america yet (barring the fact my complexion isn't porcelain)

theonlylolking2388d ago

They stole about...OVER 9000!!!!!

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