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Fancy an external graphics card?

Tired of jemmying the side of your case off every time you want to upgrade your graphics card? Sony’s latest invention could be what you’ve been waiting for. The new Sony Vaio X is a hyper-expensive-but-paper-thin laptop, and comes with a Mac-like Light Peak port for attaching hard drives, monitors and… a graphics card.

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fatstarr2720d ago

wow if this took off and became main stream, it will be big money for alot of companys, they can just chump change you and give you some bland pc and tell you about all the upgrades you can get.

theonlylolking2720d ago

This is great. Now they need to make one that is as powerful as a GTX580

parasit32720d ago

my laptop shows potential in using this. i want to PC game on it soo bad!

snoop_dizzle2720d ago

This would really be awesome with ultra portable laptops like the X1, MBA, etc. I mostly care about power at a desktop and portability and battery life on the go. The good thing with Light-peak/ Thunderbolt is that you can also daisy chain as well.

badkolo2717d ago

I remember talk years ago from sony about something similar but with consoles, having a console that can be upgraded with a new card and more memory.

this could be usefull in the next gen to extend a consoles life.