Engadget - Cowon C2 portable media player review

Engadget - And here you were assuming the tried-and-true PMP was dead. Au contraire. Cowon's not giving up on its dream quite yet, but after the D2 hung around at the company's low-end for the better part of four years, it's an alphabetic step backwards that's taking over as the successor. The diminutive C2 is about as simple as a PMP gets -- design wise, anyway -- but it's actually capable of supporting both music and video on its 2.6-inch resistive touchpanel. And then there's the purported 55 hours of battery life, included microSD card for expansion and the company's world-class audio quality.

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toaster2515d ago

I had a Cowon before, they are really nice. This one is much more modern looking and has many new features. Really great for airplane rides, and the screen is quite a bit bigger than most phones so it's a comfortable size to look at for long trips.