Fox News hacker tweets Obama dead - "Hackers have taken over a Twitter account belonging to US broadcaster Fox News and declared President Obama dead."

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toaster2547d ago

Somehow I find this quite funny..

halocursed2547d ago

Saying Obama has been assassinated sounds pretty much exactly like the type of on-air "mistake" Fox makes all the time.

toaster2547d ago

Haha that's what makes it funny. Something like this isn't that far out of FOX's usual shenanigans.

Madusha2546d ago

Hackers are taking over the web. Every day we find some big organization has been hacked.

Blaine2546d ago

I'd love to see them reporting this on their own 6'clock news! What an embarrassing situation.

zag2546d ago

Chase to kill, I would think now.

I find it sad that it the person writing can't work out why they hacked the site.

Where else would you post to to make a panic really the smallest or the most watched news network in the USA.