TecStories: Impressions of the Intel Sandy Bridge

Intel, the king of high speed processing and master of robbing you of all of your milk money for their next overpriced flagship. Recently, after a failed attempt at a graphics processor, Intel made its attempt at jumping on the APU bandwagon. Their sandy bridge processors are basically a regular processor, with a small section dedicated to graphics processing, stapled onto the CPU silicon, so that graphics processing does not need to be sent to a dedicated graphics card, on a PCI express lane. Its like keeping it in the family. Why hire an external contractor to paint your background with textures, when you can just get cousin johnny to do it for less money.

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searchbuzz2515d ago

Bit old, but still a good article.

toaster2514d ago

Yeh this is a bit overdue, lol. These are really great CPUs though. Anyone looking to upgrade or buy a computer should look for Sandy Bridge processors.