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Will Our Grandchildren Be Asking What The Heck Facebook Was Someday?

Despite Facebook’s relative lag in its embracing of the music industry, music videos and Facebook seem to be like a thing. The latest and most mainstream of examples is the treacly sweet “Unfriend You” by Greyson Chance, a Bieber-a-like who was fittingly discovered on YouTube.

The most jarring thing about the song? Chance’s normalized and emotional use of the coined term “Unfriend” as a verb.

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codyodiodi2031d ago

Yes, it's called Google+ GEEEEEESH!

michass82030d ago

Our kids will have a good laugh from todays technology and services like Facebook, etc. :)

toaster2030d ago

"Hey guys remember Facebook? It's so lame compared to FriendPortfolio 1000"

MisfitSmurf2030d ago

ahhh So many Facebook/google+ articles D:

zak94ma2030d ago

oh yeah ! probably no one will remember, what the internet is! .

Speed-Racer2030d ago

Clearly it will be something that goes down in history such as the Beatles, the floppy disk, etc

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