A tumor that could provide the key to making zombies

Today a group of medical researchers reported the discovery of something very intriguing in a type of pancreatic cancer called PanNET. Turns out PanNET is associated with mutations in two genes that help control a part of your DNA that determines whether you die.

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codyodiodi2484d ago

Really awesome story!

Not sure how I feel about them saying they could create zombies thought.

"The question is whether researchers like Heaphy could turn this undeath into something more like eternal life..."

Zombies = undead while eternal life = Vampires?

I dunno, still think it's a really cool article.

michass82483d ago

The human life cycle will be extended drastically, in the future we will reach some kind of immortality, however it will take some time. Probably our grandchildren will live twice longer than us...

Software_Lover2483d ago

That this will get to the masses? Only the so called "important" people, Ex presidents, CEO's, rich dictators, etc etc will have the money necessary to, not only control this info, but also use it.

The powers that be already want to kill off all the Africans, Most of the middle east, and latin america. Why would they let them live longer?

aaaaaaaaa2479d ago

you forgot to add yourself to the list, now the powers that be know, YOU KNOW!
Oh S***

Winkle922483d ago

And this is how the zombie outbreak starts- Scientists researching a supposedly "miracle cure", then -BAM- 90% of the population is dead. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T CONTINUE RESEARCH!!! lol.

RurouniKaze2483d ago

didnt beating resident evil teach anyone anything ?!