Mark Zuckerberg Is On Google+ (But He Doesn’t Look Happy About It)

Forbes - "Tech journos have been exploring the invite-only user base on the newly-launched Google+ Project. Google’s top brass, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are there, though not very active yet. There are lots of men, but not many ladies, says fellow Forbeser Quentin Hardy. (Speaking of, my male colleagues at Forbes have gotten invites, but I’m still waiting on mine.)"

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Speed-Racer2453d ago

Hmm well I guess you can't blame the guy for scoping out his competition.

michass82453d ago

Agree, and Facebook needs some serious competitor. Google have the potential :)

outwar60102453d ago

google do many things well, i hope this is no different

toaster2452d ago

Definitely, I'm already liking G+ better than Facebook. A big part of the appeal is that it's so simple and not as cluttered as Facebook with all the apps and games and whatnot.

Madusha2453d ago

Google+ will never catch up to Facebook IMO. SO smile!

El_Colombiano2453d ago

And Facebook will never catch up to Myspace. Oh, wait.

codyodiodi2453d ago

And Tom will never join anything other than MySpace. Oh, wait.

Sahil2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Obviously he won't like it. There is only company in the world that can take FB down, you're all looking at em!

Speed-Racer2453d ago

In Next week's announcement, Mark unveils Facebook+

codyodiodi2453d ago

"With Facebook+ we give a shit about your privacy and will actually give you new products instead of just doing next to nothing."

likedamaster2453d ago

Well, Google got me using Chrome & gmail so... Google might actually be on to something.

Speed-Racer2453d ago

The thing is Gmail was much better, interface-wise... Nothing can compare. AOL and Hotmail are sooooo heavy and slow to load.

toaster2452d ago

Yeah when I first used Gmail it was fast. I have this extension called Minimalist for Gmail and it just makes the interface 100 times better.

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