Opinion - Is BlackBerry Dead?

Bright Hub - Things haven't been looking very rosy for RIM of late as the BlackBerry brand is losing ground to iPhone and Android. The new line has been delayed and it looks like too little, too late. Could this be the end for BlackBerry?

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Sahil2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I hope not, coz as far as myself and my friends are concerned we all think BB produces the best smart phones, they are not as glossy as apple but they are diff. and amazing. I hope they don't start producing touch phones.

Anarki2546d ago

Everyone I know thinks blackberry are the worst phones. People don't realise you can get social networking/messenger on anything these days. That's the only thing that blackberry "have"...

Gondee2546d ago

Yes, they are dead, they are behind, and are not even running fast enough to catch up. Every day they fall a little farther back...