Google+ Review (BlogTechnical)

BlogTechnical: "Google recently unveiled their latest attempt at social networking, this time calling it Google+. While other endeavors such as Wave and Buzz have proved somewhat unsuccessful, they have put quite the effort into this new project. We were lucky enough to get an invite last night, and it seems the new service was so well received that they have disabled further invitations, but we do hope they re-enable the option later on. Our review first looks at the features they have to offer, and then we make some comparisons to other popular social networks."

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snoop_dizzle2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I played around with it quite a bit last night and I like it a a lot. I like the integration and implementation of a lot of their features.

Although I did run into some pretty big bugs. My biggest one was with Google Huddle. Within 5 minutes I all a sudden get around 200+ notifications (my phone seriously freaked out, lol) from a group of friends trying to start a room including me. Most of these rooms were started a few hours before and because there were constant errors, people kept trying to start them. It slowed down today, fortunately.

The main part of Google + was also a bit wonky, but that was expected since there was a flood of people wo joined.

Google Hangouts worked surprisingly well with 10 people, but unlike services like TinyChat, you're limited to 10 people in a room, and it still can be a bit chaotic since no one really has mod control. Watching YouTube videos was also cool, but pretty buggy as well. But I'm sure this will be ironed out over time.

I also like Google Circles, although it feels kind of odd because you don't know what circle people have added you to (which in the end is probably a good thing people don't know, lol).

Given that it just launched, I can definitely see this turning into something good. As the review said, this seems more for my techie friends. Initially, at least.

Google + doesn't necessarily present much new that isn't out there with other services and sites, it's the integration and and implementation into one service that can potentially make this a very solid service.

Speed-Racer2548d ago

We should try out the Hangout thing when I get some time :P

I'm really glad to see what google did though, they finally took some time to create a decent product here.

snoop_dizzle2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

It's definitely interesting. While I like it, in some ways it seems odd, and a bit inconsistent, but it also just launched. Mostly chaotic though. Especially when you follow bigger people like Leo Laporte.

Non tech savvy people might need a while to grasp the concepts (I'm seeing tech savvy people getting confused right now on there, lol), but I'm sure it just needs refining a bit (and it feels weird not being able to post on someone's profile).

if you want to be completely private it might not be for that type of person. At least with Facebook when you friend someone, it's mutual. Of course the issue then is who do you want to broadcast to.

There are very basic versions of some of these features on Facebook so I'd like to see how those advance. As it is, they are supposedly announcing new features soon.

You can definitely see the influences in Google + ranging from Twitter, Friend Feed, Plurk, StickCam/Tinychat, etc. to of course Facebook, but that's not a bad thing.

For the first day release of a beta, it's pretty good.

Edit: Okay maybe for the 2nd day it's not the best. I'm watching my Huddle notifications just hitting the 300 mark in the past few minutes...yikes. And it just keeps going... lol

Speed-Racer2548d ago

I like the Sparks feature though, and I'm hoping they mix news, twitter and status info into one stream to build some kind of organized system to get up to the minute info about the latest events (e.g. Justin Bieber getting shot). I think other social networks lacked that organization. I always turned to twitter because I could search it via hash or topic tags but it came so random, and clearly some people could lie about a situation.