Google+ Exploded With Invites Last Night Causing Invites To Be Disabled

Cody from FroogleGeek wrote:

"I got my Google+ invite last night and immediately I bragged about it to a friend of mine who was eager to get a Google+ invite of her own. I was able to send out 4 invites before I noticed my invite button had disappeared. At first I thought I already blew through my invites, however after reading around online I realized that people were able to send out 300 or more invites before losing their invite button."

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Sahil2545d ago

Obviously.. people are going crazy about it.

GrumpyVeteran2545d ago

While I dislike social networking, I'm happy that everyone is going crazy about it. This way I won't have to always hear about Facebook this Facebook that. If the social networking fans get dispersed amongst different websites, then that whole centralisation of Facebook will disappear.