Opinion: Why iOS5 has me questioning my Android alliegance

Is Apple's iOS5 so good that even diehard Android users might be lured back to the iPhone? In Jenneth Orantia's case, it just might be so.

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fatstarr2545d ago

seems more like apple is stepping up to the plate to compete with android which will only get better with 2.4, and i wont need a fancy new phone to get 2.4.

BubbleSniper2545d ago

"I'm not so sure. I've read about how IOS5 is moving away from SHSH blobs, and the new boot routines will certainly prevent alot of homebrew. My current iPhone is totally customised, (I have had most of IOS5 functionality for at least a year now) while I am due for an upgrade around the time of the iPhone5, the lack of Cydia actually has me looking more at Android.."

What a great comment.

Strange_Evil2542d ago

The hackers will find a way... They always do. The boot routines only mean one can't downgrade to previous versions of OS, but the ones who already have the current iPhone and iPad, they can do that easily by just downloading a previous version of iTunes (when the new version of iTunes releases supporting iOS 5).

NovusTerminus2545d ago

One problem I have with the Iphone/Ipod/IPad You cannot change the battery on your own. I do not want to have to send my MP3 player off every two years because the battery is dead.

I have been using my BlackBerry Storm as my MP3 player, no longer with Verizon for now. And it does extremely well. I think Apple is to closed source for the current market.