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Five reasons why Google+ will fail

Google+ is already being touted as a game-changer in social media. But it’s not. Here’s why.

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blacktiger2552d ago

Everything you said was wrong,
first of all, Google's failure in the past has nothing to do with future, they always do that as a side. What I love about Google PLUS, it's basically an app of all sites and put to Google PLUS. GET IT? For me Google+ will be empty because i don't have Profiles. I may not accept BUZZ. Another word I can have certain things and and get rid of certain things.

One of my favourte thing about Google is not even Android which I am fan of. IT'S GMAIL. The way they changed the whole ball game is another article.

Google PLUS What I like about is, CIRCLES, HANGOUT.

Circles I really need the use of grouping all my friends.
I remember posting an embarrasement video on facebook, but sure I could've posted in the group, guess what slowly, that group has invited few people infact, you have to go in the group to post links and hopefully theere aren't any anyone invited that I know of.

Circles will get rid of everything.
No matter what Group or Who I add or Who I ignore, cirlces will guarantee to show whatever I want to share.

Sometimes I like i block some people i don't want to share, but how do I know what they can't see.
With a click of a button GOOGLE+ will get to allow you prewview what your friends sees you in profile.

Not interested in fooling around, but definitley will help my business when it comes to conference.
SKYPE and MSN MESSENGER and even GTALk is a goodbye now for me.

PLUS is goign to be amazing!

codyodiodi2551d ago

This article is TERRIBLE. Who approved it? I thought fan boy articles were for N4G and N4G only. Where should I start with this one.

"It's a Google social network" that's a bad reason. The other Google social networks were not focused on before. The old CEO didn't care about social networks which is why Sergey Brin is now the CEO again and has said the primary focus of Google is the social web.

"Facebook has too much of a head start" that's a bad reason too. How much of a head start did search companies have on Google? How much of a head start did MySpace or Friendster have on Facebook? Time is not the essence, building a great service that doesn't piss off your user base is.

"Google+ lacks the cool factor" also a bad reason. Facebook was "cool" because only college kids could get. Right now only people who know people can get into Google+. For example if you are active on my website or my YouTube or Twitter account I may send you an invite when they become available or should a work around be verified by me. Unless you know someone who can invite you then you aren't getting in which will make you want to get in once more mainstream news companies cover the new social network.

"Google+ means profile management overload" also a bad reason. I was on MySpace since 2005 and Facebook since 2006. From 2007 - 2008 I was using both services the same amount of time. So did other people, the fact is Google+ has new features like "hang out" that people will have to come on Google+ to do until Facebook brings something similar out.

"Google already missed the buzz boat" you contradict yourself with the "cool factor" claim. Facebook was cool because of exclusivity, and I'm of course going off of a Hollywood movie since that's what you listed in the first sentence of that claim.

There are plenty of reasons to say Google+ will fail, however none of these are valid. Make a better article and then maybe you will convince me, for now I'm going back on Google+ to play around and try it out more.

blacktiger2551d ago

Hey CODY, I think not only GOOGLE+ will pass but it maybe to o late.

In my opinion, HANGOUT which is a weird name, because its sounds like a teeny word, is very useful for me, why Cause I run a business and i can go anywhere and just popup Hangout to do Conference, not to see if anyone support Google Talk or SKYPE for that matter, because they need installation where as GOOGLE+ doesn't.

Now GOOGLE+ Huddle I'm not too sure if it can be usefule feature, but google does have a point where making plans with your friends is a headache, but if somehow they solve this problem, it's another PLUS!!!!

There so many I think I love it!

I'm on GOOGLE PLUS baby.

Facebook is too complicated, I still don't have any APPS installed because overload of email comming for notification, and please don't tell me I can control in privacy, because I know, but just too many setting!!!!!!!!!!

zag2551d ago

Google probably was around 5 to 10 years behind the other search engines at the time.

Yahoo, alta vista and a heaps of others that are still around.

Yahoo is catalog based, so all the links need to be checked before you'll see them in a search.

Google started up by 2 guys coded up a new search engine backend, but they couldn't really get it sold with the other search engines so ended up doing a front end test page and it's gone from there, it's the main reason why the google front page is very simple.

I can't see google+ taking off as very few people know about it and even less would probably use it really.

Google have an whole office suite that anyone can use for free and can be used the same as word but hardly anyone really uses it because it isn't the standard thing to do.

Bit like myspace was the big thing, for handling groups of people, then facebook came about so you could handle people you know personally.

then you have linkedin and foursquare for the business side.

Google+ seems like a combo of the above but very few people will want to part ways with facebook currently.

A lot of the google stuff comes out with extremely little fan fare and passes by with out much use.

and what's the chances of google+ being only for the USA, google maps on android was US only then expanded to the UK as well and that was it for a year or 2 if you were outside the USA or UK you couldn't really use google maps on the phone.

I honestly think gmail is googles only big thing on the web besides the search engine everything else is just minor extras that few people bother with.

fatstarr2551d ago

meh ill let time play out,, i doubt it will catch on much
if alot of my geek/tech friends like me join up ill follow suit.

i dont feel like having another online presence like no offense but you can find almost everyone on facebook from a real world point of view, i dont see google having that factor.

but it only takes some cool kids aka celebs and some well placed tweets, a whole slew of nonsense from fox and msnbc and then some ads and incentives and it could be the next thing. once you find the Shepard all you have to do is heard the mountains of sheep

khamvongsa092551d ago

The only thing that has me sold on this social network is the Hangout feature. It can probably catch on if celebs start promoting this like crazy..