Half of US twenty-somethings have no landline

Arstechnica - "The shift away from landlines continues, as 24.9 percent of all American adults now live in homes with wireless-only voice connections. Among younger adults aged 25 to 29, the numbers are twice as high; more than half have only a cell phone."

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michass82520d ago

Better and more practical technology always win. There is no need for landline if most of us have mobile device and mobile internet. Nearly all my friends who have landline keep it only for broadband, as they have not much choice.

Speed-Racer2520d ago

the only reason I have a landline is for my DSL. I pay the basic rental fee and the lowest end phone plan and barely use any minutes.

fatstarr2519d ago

pff half the 20 somethings i know olny have a cellphone or no phone and live with their parents.

interesting stats nonetheless.

also anyone else feel this way?
who else checks voice mail anymore i been getting a lot of shit lately for not checking mine.

GrumpyVeteran2519d ago

Well... I have a landline because I don't have much of a choice but I use VOIP at home for cheaper calls anyway. (Use normal phone at home, goes through the modem for VOIPness)

xVeZx2519d ago

i think that having no landline is the way to go....the only people who call my landline nowadays are telemarketers and crap like that....