Chinese Girl Offers Virginity for IPhone 4

A teenage girl in China has offered her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4, as people continue to find new loop-holes at getting popular smartphones without an upgrade.

The girl said her dream was to buy the iPhone 4, but her father forbade her. So rather than try to convince him, she took to Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, and offered her virginity in exchange for the device. She posted a photo of herself along with some personal information.

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JsonHenry2544d ago

I've known women who gave it up for a lot less..

fatstarr2544d ago


she definitely wait for iphone5.

still not as bad as the dude that lost a kidney for a apple device

michass82545d ago

Cheap enough :) stupid girl

SKUD2544d ago

LMAO. Can it be a used iPhone 4? AHAHAH

BubbleSniper2544d ago

damn... I agree with this comment "Faith in humanity -7.
Hatred for Apple +23."

Cat2544d ago

Because Steve Jobs took her up on the offer, or because it's Apple company policy that potential customers be a manipulative and skanky brat when daddy doesn't give you what you want? ;)

fatstarr2544d ago

hatred for apple +200000000000000[Infinate0' ;s]

but i have lost faith in humanity once the ps3 came out.

xtremegamerage2544d ago

Yeah i'm in the process right now of selling my heart for ipad2, can't wait _^____________________________ _________________

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The story is too old to be commented.