Google+: First Impressions

Google has just unveiled Google+, its ambitious answer to Facebook. It turns all of Google into one giant social network, thanks to a core group of social products and a new navigation bar that integrates sharing into every single Google product.

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codyodiodi2158d ago

I can't wait to see how this plays out. If they play their cards right they could probably take out Facebook in time.

fatstarr2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

i doubt taking out facebook,

i dont like loggin into google for everything
and im too lazy half the time, ex if im on google and i click something in finances that requires you to log into with a google account i just forget about doing it.

but im willing to try it

outwar60102157d ago

you have one login for everything google if your signed in etc you're signed in youtube etc

fatstarr2157d ago

thats the thing i made accounts b4 google did their universal thing so i got like a google account for everything, so its annoying but it doesnt bother me much

michass82158d ago

This is a pretty serious competition for Facebook.

codyodiodi2158d ago

If it works well I'm converting over to Google+ it doesn't even have to be better than Facebook when it launches because I know Google could make it better. Hopefully this attempt at social networking works for Google.

Anarki2157d ago

Google already tried with social networking and lost pretty badly with "Orkut".

Sahil2158d ago

It's kinda good.. specially better than Buzz

Shani2158d ago

I am totally up for this. I don't like how everyone just sits around facebook all day.

Jihaad_cpt2158d ago

how is this going to be different from facebook? please explain it to me

snoop_dizzle2158d ago

Looks interesting, and I hope to get an invite soon. I don't think it would make me get rid of Facebook, though. I'd see this taking off with more tech savvy people and people in various communities I communicate with.

But like Twitter, I don't see many of my non-tech savvy friends jumping on Google +, for a while, at least.

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