Apple Now Number One Mobile Brand In Australia

The Apple brand continues to surge when it comes to mobile devices despite the growing competition. According to a new report from IDC, the first quarter 2011 results show that Apple has become the number one mobile brand in Australia for the very first time. The market there has mainly been dominated by Nokia, but this year the Symbian platform has seen a huge tumble along with a dip in demand for feature phones.

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Sahil2553d ago

All my friends in australia have iPhone.. this isn't a surprise!

Aussiegamer2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Hmmm I dont, and many of my friends dont. Times are slowly changing here as they are is NA, people are slowly switching to andriod. I have even noticed a great increase in W7 phone owners. Most of my friends that are girls have the iphone most of my guy mates have the samsung galaxy or some sort of HTC. Its actually interesting times in the mobile market place, I just wish that we didnt have to wait like 3months for phones to be released here when they have already been released in NA and UK. Specially HTC phones always get delayed.

michass82552d ago

Well, Apple making decent drvices. The price is the issue, as they are overpriced. Most of iPRODUCTS users are happy enough with their devices. However anybody who knows bit more about smartphones will get something better in similar price like Samsung, HTC etc.