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RonyDean2520d ago

I like that companies are now starting to get into this. I don't think I would be able to use it tho for a few years, make sure they have all the bugs out. VW FTW.

Speed-Racer2519d ago

Hmm yea, those long drives can have you a bit dependent sometimes.

Sahil2519d ago

The autopilot communicates with the credit reporting agencies through the Cloud. If it determines you are behind in your payments, it will drive directly to the repo lot. Sweet!

michass82519d ago

Soon all fun from driving will disappear... your car will block you from speeding etc. But all for our safety. :)

GodsHand2519d ago

Truck drivers will need to find a new job aswell, imagine that. A truck will go and pick up loaded trailers, and drop them off (hook & drop), while someone hired by the warehouse will dock the trailers, and put the epmty ones in vacant trailer spots. Of course this is a long way off, but it will happen, to save on cost, and safety.

michass82518d ago

Yeah, pretty soon the machines won't need us - people any more. In fact machines doing most of the job, the operators soon become useless :)