President Obama Using YouTube To Campaign For 2012

Cody from FroogleGeek wrote:

"Where has the time gone? Another presidential election is around the corner and just to show that old school campaigning is growing more and more obsolete President Obama has his own vlog now. Dubbed TheObamaDiary, with 10 videos, 1,989 subscribers and being created on June 17th of this year it’s brand new. The videos are not of Obama giving speeches, but rather videos of Obama just being an everyday guy. Sure he some of the videos may have him holding a baby for a supporter, one is of him killing a fly before an interview. The bottom line is these videos show something that presidents have a hard time doing, it shows us that the president is just like you and me."

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michass82553d ago

He should also try Facebook :) very powerful marketing tools :)

codyodiodi2553d ago

Isn't that how he got elected in 2008? I think Obama is trying to switch things up.

Sahil2550d ago

Technology is proving to be a bItch!