Notorious Hacker Group LulzSec Just Announced That It's Finished

Businessinsider: Just announced by LulzSec, the hacker group that's been on a tear for the last several days, hacking companies and even the state of Arizona, an announcement that it's finished.

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Speed-Racer2457d ago

Lol deranged...are you back already?

Gunshot2457d ago Show
ATiElite2456d ago

can anybody please explain to me what their whole point for this 50 day hack was?

seems to me they were just on some old random act of Internet vandalism spree. you know like kids spray painting on the walls and kicking over trash cans except digital.

did they have some kind of agenda, moto, political point? If you know please let me know


Speed-Racer2456d ago

They were ex-anon members... no one really knows their cause, but their efforts were really small time hacks. SQL Injections and DDoS attacks.

jwalkerz2456d ago

haha. they got scared by the fbis and hackers

Mr_Anderson2456d ago

So my dream of the Anti-Hacker hacking group named No More Lulz, will never happen?

xtremegamerage2456d ago

Maybe the whole group will say they have asperger's syndrome.

It's going around atm.

richard9192456d ago

lol "notorious?" idk bout that but im glad they are gone.