How To Build A High Performance Gaming Computer For Around $800

Cody from wrote:

"Being a geek has its advantages, I can get away with skipping showers, Cheetos count as their own nutritious food group, and I can build awesome computers for very little money. The goal was to configure a gaming computer that would be able to run all of the games that are currently out, and have room for future upgrades. I wanted to do this for around $800, as prices fluctuate it’s hard to really pin a solid price to any configuration for more than a week."

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codyodiodi2528d ago

Well that went up fast.... Any thoughts on the article??

fatstarr2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Im not an amd man. but this is a pretty good rig for 813 us dollars. most of the rigs like this going amd first are usually paired with a ati card for some reason it seems like the natural order

nvidia and intel vs amd and ati. but a good reference i might build one for someone next time they ask me to build em a computer.

but on the build itself its like anti me
i dont use amd, msi or seagate.

for my next rig im goin 12-16 gb of ram. overkill it may be but i manage to waste resources on a 6gb i7 computer that my friend has just using the internet on that uses almost 2gb if you count firefox and the plug in container.

codyodiodi2527d ago

Well I usually go with Western Digital however the Seagate drive was the cheapest and had a decent rating.

Also MSI aren't too bad for motherboards, it's what powers my system right now and the BIOS is really nice and it has served me well thus far. Also I'm an Intel man however you can't go wrong with a Hexacore processor for under $200. Even though most games will only use 2 cores, that still leaves your system 4 cores to utilize while playing games.

emoninja2528d ago

Personally I'd go with ATI for the graphics card. IMO they are better than nVidia and offer a greater value.

aaaaaaaaa2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

like emoninja said on the card go with ati, you could also forget the sli/crossfire systems they dont offer much in the way of value for money most game that come out today arnt that well optimized for multi gpu IMO get a mobo with a single PCI express slot and the money you save put on better gfx card
you may even want to look into an AM3+ board

codyodiodi2528d ago

You don't save much, if any money by not getting 2 PCI-E slots. Cheaper motherboards usually mean you sacrifice more than just an extra PCI-E slot.

fatstarr2527d ago

I agree with above a silly mistake i made in my past was to not getting a system with 2 pci card slots.

it really limits you and became a bottleneck for my system

its really at the peak it can be its maxed out.

now when i perform my surgery i will put all my old parts into a franken machine and build an i7 powered 2x gpu .monster with 8gb of ram and everything is getting so cheap.

Thecraft19892528d ago

No need in the six cores cheap quad core is all you need.

Go for more future proof mobo am3+ for not so much more

ati 5850 instead

8gb ram is an overkill 6gb max if just for gaming.

there is no way you need 850watt i would go 650watt max.

go for 2tb drive

go for coolermaster haf case

cheap dvd drive

There probley just saved $100-$200

lugia 40002528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

You don't need 8Gb. 6GB/4GB is already good enough.
And Id also pick a Sandy bridge 2600k.
And an ATI5850. The 465GTX can't run crysis at 30fps maxed.

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