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What Happens in 60 Seconds on The Internet

It’s no wonder people get addicted to the Internet, especially if they have a lot of different interests. With so much information, news, communication and entertainment, it is easy to get carried away.

To put it all in perspective, “Go-Globe” made an illustration to give an example of some of the things that happens within 60 seconds on the Internet.

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fatstarr2559d ago

love infographics, its crazy just how much the internet has evolved
they just missed the porn section with this one imo thats a crazy stat in its self.

EazyC2558d ago

If they really were to summarize the internet based on what % of the internet contains, the picture would have the equivelant of 59 seconds of porn and a little snippet of this image would be something ..... that isn't porn.

Seriously... I read that 87% of everything on the internet is porn.

Mr_Anderson2558d ago

Ya my "Friend" read that somewhere too, lol

fatstarr2558d ago

my friends the internet is more than 97% porn.