Firefox 5 Available Now

The developers of Mozilla Firefox now follows the mindset of the Google Chrome developers, and has started to release “major” versions of Firefox more often. Version 5 of the popular web browser is now ready, even though version 4 was released as late as March 22, 2011.

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Speed-Racer2530d ago

wtf... just the other day 4 came out. guess they are chugging them out fast like chrome now.

michass82529d ago

Yeah, it is all to be small bit ahead from competition

fatstarr2529d ago

They should stick to their roots i have 4 and my original ff
I look at it like an os cant put one out erre day cause no one will want to develop things for it

kellykarnetsky2530d ago

Yeah that's crazy, they need to integrate the behind the scenes updater like Chrome has so we don't have a billion versions of Firefox running around.

shadowon2529d ago

Actually it seems a bit faster as well, but another problem is that 5 or 6 of my add-ons are no longer compatible...

This may become a major problem for a lot of users.

fatstarr2529d ago

I love my addons and customizations thats why i dont really upgrade

zoks3102529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

All these updates for FF made it worse after some of my most used apps lost support, it got to the point where I switched back to chrome.

michass82529d ago

I have the same experience, chrome just working better for me and looks nicer :)

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The story is too old to be commented.