LulzSec: Offered a challenge to followers for a second CIA website assault

The hacker group Lulzsec was once again spotted taunting the CIA with games, for their Twitter followers.

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MagicGamer2533d ago

Amazing, absolutely amazing. I have a feeling they are going to get some members caught over messing with the CIA a second time.

Mr_Anderson2533d ago

Dangerous Cat and Mouse game to say the least.

Anarki2532d ago

These guys are putting the worlds security on the line for their own fun and games. It's time they stopped being internet bad-asses and stopped hacking.

Speed-Racer2533d ago

Hmm I'm afraid now. Anyone can call in a shot on your site, and if Lulz decides to target it, most likely it's gonna die.

*proceeds to dump all MySQL and physical server files*

BornCursed2533d ago

Random? WTF? That's a little brutal for the innocent. So did they not get the challenge done?

TidePride2532d ago

If the government found Bin Laden it's only a matter of time for these guys, have fun while you can i guess.

dcbronco2532d ago

If they could have found out about them I would think they would have by now. And if they do find them you have to wonder what they used to find them. And what else they have "found" in the past about the rest of us.

theonlylolking2532d ago

You know how long it took for them to find Bin Laden? These hackers are far from a old poor man.

jaih272532d ago

Wow. These guys are going to give the government just the right excuse to monitor all private internet users, and give them total control over the net, Nice job. Unfortunatly Lul is doing exactly what they want them to do for their long term goal, why do you think they havn't been caught yet ?

theonlylolking2532d ago

That is what I am worried about. If the government does do that you can expect a cyber war of hackers vs the government.

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