Padvance: iPad 3 Rumors Amping Up

Padvance says: The world may be enamored with the iPad 2, but the tech world has already set its sights on iPad 3. When will it launch-- this year or next? What kind of changes can we expect?

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scorpionstryker2501d ago

if the rumor is true then i will get one for sure, been holding out on getting an ipad till a newer comes out..

Idree2500d ago

I've been holding out for the iPad, can't wait for the rumors to start :D

CynicalVision2500d ago

'been holding out on getting an ipad till a newer comes out..'

You'll probably be holding out forever then because we all know Apples track record when it comes to releasing sequels to their products.

michass82501d ago

the Tablets are actually getting better, if that NFMR technology kick in and some more improvements will be done (especially battery life) I will definitely consider buying a Tablet device.

mac4u102500d ago

Isnt 10 hours enough for you, the ipad battery life is amazing!

michass82500d ago

But it is still only 10 hours, it means that you have to charge it every single night if using it... if I buy something I usually using it hard :)

jsc249jobal2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I have yet to find any improvement that are rumored that would warrant another iPad release. The CPU and GPU have plenty of untapped potential. The video is crisp, fast and enjoyable. The dual cameras are very sufficient for FaceTime, Skype, picture taking and video recording. Maybe to bring in people who for whatever reason are not happy with the iPad 2 or the techies who need everything that is newly released, I don't know. Play Infinity Blade or Dead Space with their buttery smooth frame rates and hd graphics, the A5 gpu is ahead of the pack for tablets.

P.S. I viewed, wrote and posted this whole thing from my iPad 2 =)

Its_That_Purp2500d ago

I lovee my acer a500 and w500 their both sweet android and windows tablets ipads are cool just cant stand not having flash

michass82500d ago

Totally agree, it is a huge disadvantage of Apple products.

tweet752500d ago

i hope for a price drop at release of $250 to compete with sony and nintendo in the gaming world better

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