Would you buy a TV without an on/off switch?

Which? Convo: Why is there a growing trend for TVs with no on/off switch? A switch doesn’t cost much to manufacture, can be placed on the side for the sake of appearances and saves power – so why is it so hard to come by?

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michass82441d ago

Who use that switch anyway :) newest TVs have a very little if at all energy consumption if on standby :)

techie2441d ago

Little, but still some.

Mr_Anderson2440d ago

It certainly would not be a deal breaker.

no_more_heroes2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

This makes no sense. Why would it not come with an on/off button? That should be the first thing any manufacturer writes down on a piece of paper when making a TV.

techie2440d ago

But most don't now. They only come with stand-by buttons. At least read the article.

no_more_heroes2440d ago

I did. No matter how little power it uses, it's still more than none.

techie2440d ago

Yep... but there used to on off switches that would actually turn the damn thing off. They just don't exist anymore

Sahil2440d ago

are we talking about Touchscreen.. hell yeah!