Social Browser RockMelt Has Partnered With Facebook

The social web browser, RockMelt, has announced that they have entered into a partnership with Facebook. Even though Facebook has not contributed with any money, they have assisted in adding 31 new features to the browser. Facebook initiated the project, and has provided substantial development resources.

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michass82565d ago

RockMelt will be very popular thanks to the Facebook

shadowon2564d ago

It's a niche browser, like Flock was, Flock is now dead...

It has become very popular among young users. Still, they only have couple of hundred thousand users. But, that may soon change ;)

michass82564d ago

Yeah, especially with Facebook support

Mr_Anderson2562d ago

Great social browser if you are someone who lives in the social media world or are a Facebook addict.

shadowon2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Of which there are many ;)