Things You Shouldn’t be Doing on Facebook | FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper says: "This isn’t the typical don’t spam people with game posts or click on links like “OMG Miley is at it Again, CLICK HERE!” I’m sure she is but that link is just going to give you a link to download a virus. No, this is the stuff that gets you in trouble, fired or makes you loose money."

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Speed-Racer2507d ago

Why would anyone accept their boss? If they do, it would obviously mean they have a good enough relationship with their boss to allow for that. I would leave my job if I'm forced to befriend my boss on facebook. How I act on Facebook is not a true judgement of how I act in the workplace.

kellykarnetsky2506d ago

I guess it depends on where you work, if it's a small office you're usually going to have some kind of relationship with your boss. I also accept friend request from clients but I live a boring life so nothing that I do on Facebook offends people. haha.

Tzuno2505d ago

One thing you must do. Don't register on Facebook. It rapes your intimacy and you are secretly analyzed by the government. Call me insane i don't care people like the lies not the truth.