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HTC Desire Will Not Get Gingerbread

One of the most popular Android phones from HTC is named Desire. It was released in 2010 and has got a lot of good feedback in most reviews. Unfortunately, HTC announced today on their Facebook page, that the HTC Desire will not be updated to Gingerbread.

Updated: HTC are struggling to decide. In the latest message on the UK Facebook page it now says:

“Contrary to what we said earlier, we are going to bring Gingerbread to HTC Desire.”

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michass82560d ago

I am so disappointed, this is so annoying. Well, time for upgrade. The internal memory is a problem of all HTC phones, is it a signal to look for alternative like Samsung or Motorola...

Aussiegamer2559d ago

This information from engadget might make you happy.

There is the link, the HTC Desire will get gingerbread.

Engadget is a much better source of mobile information than this.

michass82558d ago

Yeah, HTC got tonnes of e-mails from Desire users and simply change their mind... just to keep us happy, but I think this is the last upgrade for this device, bit annoying but what can we do...

mcstorm2558d ago

I hope it dose get gingerbread as my other half has the Desire HD and it has made it a more stable phone but I have been saying for years that this is Androids biggest problem with there OS. Android in a way is very much like Windows Mobile is that they give every one the freedom do do what they want to the os and dont have a minimum spec sheet and because of this it causes problem like this and also if there is a phone under specked the OS will lag and cause problems and that is what held Windows Mobile back. It only really was usable when phones like Diamond 2 and HD1 HD2 came out but by then the OS was getting too old.

I have heard that they are looking at making the Phone and tablet OS the same OS and that they will have minimum spic's and push the update out abit like Windows Phone now and if android do this then it will help everyone get the updates and help the developers apps work on all devices.

shadowon2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Seems HTC has changed their mind (again), post updated.

michass82558d ago

Users demand, HTC must keep us happy :)

Sahil2557d ago

Awesome, my friend was wiaitng for it..