LulzSec brings down Escapist Magazine

LulzSec has turned their sights on The Escapist Magazine website

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Speed-Racer2564d ago

Wow simply unbelievable. Of course IT personnel have their share to do with regards to security but these guys are going all out on this.

Anarki2564d ago

This has gone on wayyyy too long now. The sooner these people are caught, the better..

PoulCast2563d ago

I for one think it's hillarious. Hopefully this will start moving the Tech World towards proper anti-hacking measures and especially DDoS-protection.

ngecenk2563d ago

@paulcast the only way to do that is to tag every IP with your social security number or any unique ID

Speed-Racer2563d ago

Targeting a DDoS attacker is very hard since they use drone machines to manage the operations. They'd have to go deeper and figure out how to access the trojans that enslave those computers, and who they receive orders from.

Captain Tuttle2564d ago

Apparently they took down Minecraft too

Speed-Racer2564d ago

Yea just read about it as well...

no_more_heroes2564d ago

God almighty this is ridiculous. Can someone shoot these people already?!

tawak2564d ago

whats next? facebook?

Speed-Racer2564d ago

unlikely.. most of the attacks were in DDoS format, doubt they'd have the power to shut them down like that. Cracking into their system though is another story. Just wish the authorities would step it up and deal with the issue and have these guys behind bars soon.

Aither2564d ago

Anyone else hear about the new Anonymous attack on the US Federal Reserve? It is starting today according to the new Youtube video they posted.

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