Apple’s iMessage won’t kill off texts

Which? Convo: It may have escaped your attention (although Apple desperately tried to make as much noise about it as possible) but Apple recently announced a new update to its iPhone software. One feature hopes to kill off the text.

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Speed-Racer2140d ago

Who uses text messages anyway? Whatsapp, BBM, MSN, Gchat... so many free options (considering you're part of a wireless plan). Still works out much cheaper for me than texting.

Mr_Anderson2140d ago

I still have a friend that doesn't have text messaging on his phone. His dumb phone at that.

Yes he does get ridiculed.

laid2rest2140d ago

plenty of people still use text messaging.

techie2139d ago

Everyone use texts... don't they?

michass82138d ago

yeah, only 6.1 trillion messages (SMS) sent in 2010 :)

nopunctuation2139d ago

Texting while driving kills babies. Dont do it.

michass82139d ago

not only babies, I saw a movie where some girl was using hairdryer while driving... well we are very busy people

spunkee3112139d ago

I still use text messages. I don't think I should have to make a screen name or use an app just to send out a text. Give me a number, send a text, that's it. I have unlimited text too. So it would be pointless.
Never even heard anyone say who uses text lol. I think almost everyone still does.

techie2139d ago

Actually, if you read the article Spunkee - the whole system is seemless and automatic. So if you have iOS5 and the person you're sending it to does as well, then it's sent as an iMessage. Simple.

And, noted nopunctuation.

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Bounkass2139d ago

I pass. I'll stick to WhatsApp.

Speed-Racer2139d ago

Thank you for some sanity. Texting is like using a payphone in my opinion.