1Gbps fiber for $70—in America? Yup.

"American ISPs have convinced us that Internet access is expensive—getting speeds of 100Mbps will set most people back by more than $100 a month, assuming the service is even available. Where I live in Chicago, Comcast's 105Mbps service goes for a whopping $199.95 ("premium installation" and cable modem not included). Which is why it was so refreshing to see the scrappy California ISP this week roll out its new 1Gbps, fiber-to-the-home service… for $69.99 a month."

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Gondee2504d ago

Please for the love of god CATCH ONNNN

michass82503d ago

wow, in my place - in next century :)

Reibooi2503d ago

It's still pretty sad when you consider in places like Japan and South Korea speeds like this are the norm and one would normally pay about 20 bucks a month for it. Yet we get it in extremely limited areas and need to fork over 70 bucks a month.

ASSASSYN 36o2503d ago

What is sad is that people like you fail to see the U.S. has a significantly larger population, land mass, and competition than South Korea and Japan. If not for those then the U.S. would more likely than not have a low cost and faster internet service.

Reibooi2503d ago

none of those factors even come into play. The fact is that in those other countries the Government gets involved and gets speeds like this standard as it's a benefit to the people and the nation as a whole.

However the US Government being in bed with big business means they don't care as long as money is being made. This is why the internet plans the Government has are for broadband and not fiber optic. This is also why there are so many big business bail outs.

dmc-run2503d ago

I live in the US and im still on dial up...

Speed-Racer2503d ago

Do you have running water there? just kidding. Are you too far for broadband? Considered satellite?

dmc-run2502d ago

Yeah my home is too far for DSL or cable and satellite is too expensive for their slow speeds.

Hey at least I get 3G on the phone...

Mr_Anderson2503d ago

Beyond USENET I don't see how the average person that only surfs news, downloads and streams on occasion would benefit or need this as most places won't let you download this fast due to the servers. You can give a lot of people 20Mbps and 250Mbps and they would not notice the difference as they never actually USE that bandwidth. BUT I DO WANT THIS NOW!

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