FroogleGeek: The PlayStation TV Could Change The TV Industry

Cody from wrote:

"The PlayStation TV was announced at Sony’s E3 keynote this year. For those of you who don’t know what it is it’s a 24” 3DTV that comes with a video game, HDMI cable, and 3D glasses for just $500. Sony is hoping to drive the costs of other 3DTV’s down with this TV and hopefully make 3DTVs as common as HDTVs. However the biggest thing about this TV is gamers will be able to play split-screen games without the other players screen getting in the way. In other words both players will have the entire screen to look at rather than just half of it. This is done by using the 3D glasses and then the TV will display one set of images to player one and the other set to player two."

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shinrock2568d ago

i haven't played split screen in years and have no plans to do so in the future.thats why i started playing online,so i woundn't have to share a screen with my OPPONENT, so he can see my every move.

Trevonn2568d ago

he cant unless he has your glasses DUHHHHHHHHHHHH

shinrock2567d ago

all my gaming friends are online.the money we save on travel we spend on more games.