The Metro Invasion: A Supremely Brief Article About Microsoft’s Dream Interface - FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper writes: You can blame Steve Ballmer all you want for Microsoft’s stagnancy. In the past decade, their revenues have cooled (allowing the once dwarf-ish Apple to surpass them in size), their employee count has exploded, their stock has stalled, and there’s been more than a few calls for Ballmer’s resignation. But, one thing we are going to see is the graphical unification of all of Microsoft’s products, the first time it’s ever happened across such a broad range, including phones, PCs, and video game systems. By the end of next year, the text-and-tile Metro UI interface system may be the most visible in the world, surpassing even iOS. While Metro is hardly perfect from a usability or preferential standpoint, it’s still a great interactive solution. So we have to wonder: where did this thing come from and why is Microsoft embracing it whole hog now? Let’s take a look, shall we?

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