Video: This Girl Had All Her Facebook Friends Tattooed On Her Arm

Girl pays tribute to all her Facebook friends by having all of their profile pictures tattooed on her arm.

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Speed-Racer2566d ago

Would be a shame if one of her friends and her fought and they defriended each other.

SojournUK2566d ago

I've got 3 tattoos, all not visible if I wear a short sleeved shirt.
All I can say to this girl is good luck getting a decent job, you look like a tool. Next thing you know people will be getting tattoos of Mario and Link...
Plus, what if this 'Facebook' thing doesn't take off?

HxCGamer2566d ago

i have a sleeve which includes, yoshi wearing a halo spartan armor, i'm a computer engineer and i make a good amount of money

so suck it!

in the other hand i do believe that facebook tattoo is absolutely retarded

but yea dude people are more understanding about tats now... the idea that tats are for criminals is fading away.

listenkids2566d ago

My friend has a mario tattoo, yes he is a tool.

jwalkerz2566d ago

wow, she must love her friends

undercovrr2566d ago

If I had facebook I would have friended her, and then un-friended her after the tatoos :D. Seriously, what is wrong with this girl? Most facebook friends couldn't give a rat's a** about you

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