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9-Year-Old Develops iPad App

Some may have called Dr. Andy Kirschner of Bala Cynwyd crazy last summer for putting his faith in a 9-year-old self-taught computer wiz.
Kirschner handed a stack of video discs and a piece of paper with a plan to 9-year-old Jesse Friedman asking him to develop a new iPad application promoting techniques for back and neck care, according to a press release.
In early March, Kirschner’s faith in Friedman was justified when, according to a press release, Back Together Interactive launched in the iTunes store.

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ASSASSYN 36o2573d ago

I have two degrees and haven't done anything like that. I am slacking.

JD_Shadow2573d ago

Quick, Apple! Sue the parents! How dare they let the kid make his own app! He could be trying to get credit card info or use it to pirate other apps! Need to act now!

(Paid for by the hypocrisy detection department! We spot hypocrisy in any way we can find it!)