How To Bypass Facebook’s Image Privacy

Cody from Froogle Geek wrote:

"There is one thing that has annoyed me since Facebook changed the way you view pictures. Instead of being brought to a page where you can right click and copy the image URL, there is just a pop up that makes it impossible to copy the picture. However I recently discovered a way around this security and thankfully it’s incredibly easy to do."

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codyodiodi2571d ago

So does this seem useful?

Speed-Racer2570d ago

Somewhat. My days of snooping are over...but sounds interesting.

Brawler2570d ago

you can also just hit refresh lol

AuToFiRE2570d ago

yep, it took me all of 5 seconds to figure that one out when the pop up thing came up for the first time

Bibto2569d ago

Or Right Click and "Open in new tab". Or just Middle Click