Sony Pictures Press Release Related to LulzSec Attack - Update

Sony Pictures Press Release in regards to hacking group Lulzsec, again apologizes to their customers. Sony also stated they have retained a respected team of experts to conduct the forensic analysis of the attack.

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MagicGamer2515d ago

Sony has earned my respect as a company that has battled the masses and will still remain on top. One thing is for sure they are soon to be the most secure websites anywhere. If they haven't already locked down the most secure in the world title after what they have dealt with.

Speed-Racer2514d ago

For now... if someone wants to break it, they will, with the right amount of time. Nothing is secure once humans are responsible for writing the code behind it.

MagicGamer2514d ago

O.K. then let me correct myself. Sony will now put more time and money to buy the best known security available in the world. Whether it be the best minds or software, and at best, both together. It will be the most secure for some time to come.

shadowknight2032513d ago

lmao they will get anti hack like that company in the movie "hackers"

MagicGamer2513d ago

They already have, since the incident their probably is no locked down site than the PSN and other Sony sites.

BornCursed2513d ago

The incident? you mean the major freakin let down for customers that once played on the PSN? and felt secure putting credit card info in on Sony sites? Yeah, They have nothing to worry about after 2011 because gamers like em...NOPE. Gamers that are kids like em. Gamers that have to pay bills and feed the kids hate em. So I personally don't care what you flaming children say, Sony will suffer this year because they failed the grown ups that payed your PSN bills.

BornCursed2513d ago

I also know this will get hated on forever because of all the kids that hate it when Superman died and Batman got it as well. This is real life kiddo's and you hold your pampers and see. Sony will lose money if BIG PEOPLE (Grown Ups) don't feel they can trust the Sony Sites Security.