Hacker group raids Sony Pictures in latest breach

Fresh off the successful infiltration and defacement of the PBS website, the hacktivist collective known as LulzSec said Thursday that it has compromised the personal information of more than one million users of

The revelation deals another devastating blow to a company already reeling from a number of recent intrusions, most notably the breach of the Sony PlayStation Network, one of the largest reported data theft incidents of all time.


LulzSec also just hacked Nintendo and stole their server config!/LulzS...

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jabberm2575d ago

What can Sony do to stop the attacks at this point? Somebody needs to be paid off.


Yes, because paying them will totally teach to never do it again.

f7897902574d ago

Better idea -> Don't pay anonymous.

tawak2574d ago

better idea?- at least find their location and nuke which city they may be.

Menech2574d ago Show

Better idea? It's not up to Sony. All they should so is secure their system. Investigate who did this, what they stole, where are they and bringing their down to justice is police and governamental agencies around the world's task.

But I say, if Sony NEED to reach for its pockets, than better put a price on those motherfuckers' heads and make the whole investigation a lot easier.

Pay a reward for people that point them at the right direction, let's see how loyal those pricks are.

zag2573d ago

overall the hacks are useless, pointless and do nothing for anyone.

The one thing not pointed out is they have the data on 1 million people from a website but what will they use that data for?

If they sold it off then that can lead to people's ID being thieved and that will really screw people over for what? so people can say they can grab 1 million records from a database.

Forget about the PS3 or OtherOS or what ever other stuff that has gone on, these people will have screwed over al lot of people, would have to be around the 10 million mark at least by now.

because if someone has all their money ripped out the bank, that will screw over the rest of the family and stuff.

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Anarki2574d ago

One thing after another... do people not have better things to do with their time?

Trevor78432574d ago

Why dont the Hackers just stop.. Like really why?

mrmikew20182574d ago

This information is worthless though, so what is the point of doing this?

f7897902574d ago

For laughs since they have the maturity of a middle school child.

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The story is too old to be commented.