Convert Your Facebook Life into an Awesome Animated Virtual Museum

TechSliver - Its an awesome app that converts your Facebook friends, Photos, Videos and locations to an animated Virtual Museum. This virtual tour is created by Intel on a theme “Create and explore a visual archive of your social life”.

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Sahil2521d ago

This looks cool, but I can't help but have a nagging feeling Intel are collecting a massive wad of personal detail and I'm not sure what they're going to do with it.

techsliver2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

If you are not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't be worried ;) besides.. Intel has better things to do then Spy on people! :P we have Facebook for that! LOL!!

Speed-Racer2520d ago

Hmm I couldn't get it to work... maybe cause I am browsing in HTTPS mode?

techsliver2520d ago

There are two different links for it: this one worked for me!! takes a lot of time in loading though!!

AuToFiRE2520d ago

neither are working for me